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Maximizing Character

Motto: Building Character for Life


Mission: To partner with parents, schools and community leaders in order to promote good character, teach life skills and foster social responsibility among youth through community service.


Vision: Maximizing Character seeks to provide character development and life skills to youth in educational and community settings in order to maximize their potential as they engage in a global society.


Core Values: Wisdom, Integrity, Service, Excellence (W.I.S.E.) 

Our Services and Activites

Imagine a world where every young person is empowered with strong character, essential life skills, and a passion for community service. We are on a mission to inspire and cultivate the leaders of tomorrow by instilling values, teaching crucial life skills, and fostering a spirit of community service among our youth. 

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Success Skills Academy

Maximizing Character's goal is to promote good character. Utilizing evidence based character education programs, our members and youth ambassadors partner with parents, teachers and community leaders to teach good citizenship, honesty, self-control, kindness and other values that promote productive, safe and healthy individuals and communities.


Life Skills and Fitness Bootcamp

Do you want to see your child develop skills that will help them personally and professionally now and in the future? This program, an extention of our Success Skills Academy, prepares positive contributing community members, and students.

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Community Engagement

Youth get the opportunity to engage in community events and activities, working collaboratively with government organizations and the community at large to achieve sustainable outcomes. Examples include peer mentoring, food drives, school donations, community outreach. 

Spotlight on Partnerships

Maximizing Character has partnered with a variety of organizations and individuals that offer unique resources, impactful solutions and general support to the Hampton Roads community and beyond. We are happy to spotlight some of our Partners and their exciting work! If you need specific services or want to learn more about a certain topic area, be sure to check them out! 

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