Motto: Building Character for Life

Mission: To partner with parents, schools and community leaders in order to promote good character, teach life skills and foster social responsibility among youth through community service.


Vision: Maximizing Character seeks to provide character development and life skills to youth in educational and community settings in order to maximize their potential as they engage in a global society.


Core Values: Wisdom, Integrity, Service, Excellence (W.I.S.E.) Other featured values include Goodness, Kindness, Patience, Self-Control, Love, Knowledge, Citizenship, Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Honesty & Fairness, Trustworthiness


"May God bless me to be a blessing" was a prayer that, Founder, Alicia Gaston's Grandmother lived by. In the spirit of faith, generosity, and wisdom, and with an even greater passion to serve and to teach invaluable character virtues, especially to youth and young adults, Maximizing Character was birthed.


Maximizing Character is a nonprofit 501c3 organization originally developed in 2011 by Alicia Gaston while in graduate school at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The initial "program" involved teaching character building lessons that aligned with academic standards to at-risk youth in a community-based setting.


In 2013 Alicia and her husband, Tom Gaston, founded Maximizing Character LLC in response to their growing concern for youth engaging in risk behaviors such as bullying, truancy, substance abuse, high school drop-outs and delinquency as well as the growing lack of self-worth, compassion and respect for others. In 2014 the organization acquired its first members, a combination of children and adults who had a passion for serving the community and who desired to promote good character. The Character Ambassadors, five youth officers who modeled good character amongst their peers, were also formed that year. In 2016 the organization was granted non-profit status and established its first Board of Directors. 

The organization continues to serve the Hampton Roads, Virginia and global community. 



Maximizing Character...Building Character for Life


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