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Ready, Set, Do in 2022

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Happy New Year Friends! As we wrap up this first week of the new year, Maximizing Character wants to take this time to encourage you to continue to build character for life by being kind, caring, honest, responsible, and fair. We also hope that you will be inspired and take action in 2022 to develop professionally, academically, physically, spiritually and emotionally, and support the work that matters the most to you and your community.

In 2022, Maximizing Character will continue its mission to partner with parents, students, educators and community partners to promote character education, life skills and foster social responsibility through community service.

Let 2022 be the year that you amplify your best gifts from within, bless others, and welcome new opportunities to grow. That's just what we plan to do at Maximizing Character! This year Maximizing Character is getting back to the basics. What does that mean? It means a greater focus on our mission and vision and connecting with more youth and members of our community to spread goodness. It means less focus on quantity and more of a focus on quality...making the most of the time that we spend together, serving our communities, mentoring youth, and most of all, allowing the next generation to shine!

This year, Maximizing Character is planning to re-launch one of its former programs, but with some new flavor --think Character Couture, while enhancing existing programming, like MXC Thrive, our life skills and fitness services. At the heart of Maximizing Character, is community service. 2022 presents opportunities to take action by advancing social justice and mental health issues, as well as feeding the hungry, caring for the elderly and promoting a culture of kindness in local schools and communities.

Let's start 2022 together by practicing and modeling good character so that we cultivate core values that will positively influence the next generation and change the world!

Here's to Maximizing Character!

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