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Game Zone with the Thrive Tribe!

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

The MXC Thrive participants enjoyed another game day at Dudley's Driving Center! Mr. Dudley, the company's CEO, and a Maximizing Character community partner, connected very well with the youth after presenting on multiple occasions during the MXC Thrive life skills and fitness boot camp. The male participants seemed to enjoy his ability to connect with them, especially as a young, successful business owner and fellow gamer. He invited the boys out for a second time to enjoy an afternoon of games, pizza and fun with the fellas. Our new volunteers also joined us to help with the young kings. This is the start of some much-needed mentoring and long-term partnerships.

After greeting the parents and meeting a few new youth, the leaders engaged in some team-building while the boys and our volunteers engaged the fellows in the latest PS4 games. The thunderous laughter and boasting about whose gaming skills were the best, could be heard throughout the building. Pizza and drinks added to the fun day out, a break from the COVID-19 stay-at-home standard that has become the norm.

We are looking forward to more fun outings like this, thanks to Mr. Dudley's generosity and ability to engage the youth in discussions about life, future goals, relationships and plain ole' youthful fun. The MXC Thrive parents stated that they, too, were happy that their children could get out of the house and enjoy time with their peers. Maximizing Character is proud to be developing a new Thrive Tribe as we build character for life and fulfill another one of our major goals to mentor youth.

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